I just went by your landing on the Line Pond Salvage Sale and I must say you really did an outstanding job on this sale. It's not just that you went back and cleaned up the fire wood but when I look at all of the road work you did; the harvest work itself; and the sale closure this is really an exemplary piece of work.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of snow machiners will be viewing your work and I have already had several positive comments from hunters and hikers. I know i've said it before but you continue to be the best operator with whom I have ever worked.

- Quentin P. Mack, Forester for Green Woodlands

Dear Matt,

We want to thank you for good work. We are absolutely pleased with the clearing & the lack of damage to our skidder trails. Please extend this thank you to your son Chris and your brother for the friendly discussions. We love our land and appreciate the care your crew took. Sincerely,

- Bill, Karen & Colin

"Through your professionalism you have set an example of good workmanship, efficiency and above all else safety"

- Raymond S. Burton, Executive Councilor

"Your fully mechanized operation is a model of safety, efficiency and workmanship and your leadership is commendable."

- Judd Gregg, U.S. Senator